Specialized Care

If your loved one suffers from advanced diabetes or have visual difficulties, such as Parkinson’s or severe or recurring strokes, they may need personal care assistance.  Hiring our CAREGivers can help provide the seniors with the level of care he or she needs — and you, the relief you deserve.

When you’re hiring a caregiver to look after your elderly loved one — especially one with dementia or other mental or physical challenges — it’s important to be on the same page about every detail, from how often your dad should go out for walks to how much help versus privacy your mom needs in the bathroom. No matter the type of care your loved one requires , we will be happy to  provide an exceptional level of care and personal attention to keep them active and social despite the disability .

At VCare 247, our individualized care plan is designed to provide one -on -one care appropriate for clients with various levels of care needs, including the specialized care required by an Individual living with Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s and other health related conditions .

Call us to coordinate a free in-home consultation to get to know your loved one’s needs, help address any questions you may have, and provide recommendations for care . We specialize in finding the highest-quality caregivers to help your loved ones deal with any medical condition .

Parkinson’s Home Health Care

Parkinson’s is a progressive nervous system disorder that primarily affects movements. This disorder happens after the cells which carry dopamine, a chemical which carries signals between our nerves and brain, die. Symptoms may start with minor hand tremors. As the disease progresses the tremors get worse, sleep problems occur, there will be changes is speech and the person’s movements. Parkinson can affect your everyday tasks, even taking a walk or sitting still in one place will be difficult.

VCare 247 Personal Care trains CAREGivers for Parkinson’s home health care service so they can adjust to in-home medical care for your loved one or yourself. We work with you to make a personal care schedule, help you with simple tasks like writing letters or cooking, accompany you to your appointments or even on a walk. We bring back balance to your life, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by stress or fatigue.

Stroke Care

Caregiving Home Health Care services for you or your loved ones

Stroke happens when brain is deprived of oxygen. This condition can happen due to a blood clot travelling through blood vessels to the brain or by a rupture in blood vessels which will lead to bleeding in the brain.

Stroke can affect the person’s speech, cause paralysis, numbness of face, arms or legs. After a stroke, patients may have problem seeing or maintaining their balance. Consequently, there may be difficulty swallowing, memory loss, emotional problems and difficulty caring for oneself.

VCare 247 Personal Care  provide special home health care service for stroke patient. we will help our clients in different ways, from medication reminders or assisting your loved one with their bathing and grooming to helping them maintain a healthier nutrition plan or accompanying them to their appointments and social events.

Cancer Care

Providing services for you or your loved ones

Cancer is the uncontrollable cells’ growth and spreading of these abnormal cells into the surrounding tissues. There are more than 100 types of cancer which can affect the human beings. Hearing the news about being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating enough, let alone trying to care for a loved one or yourself after the diagnosis.In some advanced cases the patient may even be in need of palliative care.

VCare 247 provides special home health care service for cancer patient. Our team will be there at every step of the way so you won’t have to suffer alone. Our CAREGivers are more than hired employees, they believe they serve you as a friend, a sister or a brother, who cares deeply for your wellbeing. Our CAREGivers make life easier for you or your loved one in need of support by providing a personalized plan at home so your loved one can be in a safer and more familiar environment and at the same time receive the type of professional care available at a hospital setting.

If you wish, the same service will be provided in the hospital setting to give the family members, in charge of care, a break to rest and recharge.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attendant Care

After a traumatic brain injury, a patient may suffer from temporary or permanent neurological impairments in thinking skills (cognition), emotional and behaviour functioning, or their physical functions.

VCare247 takes pride in training sympathetic and understanding CAREGivers who are knowledgeable about the Glasgow Coma Scale (the most common scoring system used to describe the level of consciousness) and are familiar with dealing with risky situations to guarantee your loved one’s safety.

Spinal Cord Injury Attendant Care

A spinal cord injury is any damage to the spinal cord or the nerves at the end of the spinal cord which can cause severe disability and changes below the site of injury. This kind of injury can affect the person’s ability to control their limbs depending on the place of injury and how severe it is. This type of injury may lead to paralysis, incontinence, loss or altered sensations, spasms, difficulty breathing and sever pain caused by the damage to the nerve fibers.

Our compassionate and well-trained CAREGivers will assist you based on personal needs. Some spinal cord injury patients only need hourly assistance and can obtain a semi-independent life. Some other patients unfortunately require ongoing assistance of professional CAREGivers to get by their daily needs. VCare 247 is the answer you have been looking for.

Cardiovascular patient care

Cardiovascular disease is the umbrella term that can be referred to any problems engaging the heart and blood vessels. The symptoms are varied, they can include dizziness, swelling of feet and ankles, shortness of breath, fainting, heart attack or stroke.

We provide you support while recovering from a recent heart disease. Rehab after any heart disease is a very important stage to prevent you from further complications by helping you maintain a healthier exercise routine and nutrition plan, medication reminders, providing you with psychosocial support and helping with household chores.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable and irreversible condition which slowly not only destroys someone’s memories and thinking skills, but also the ability to carry out simple everyday tasks, to the point they will have problem orienting themselves, communicating, dealing with money or performing simple tasks like cooking or drinking. Experts in this field suggest that many people have dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.

VCare 247 understands very well that dealing with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia is not only physically tiring but also emotionally draining. It is heartbreaking to witness how all those loving memories are erased one by one, followed by becoming incapable of caring for oneself.

VCare 247 is your support system, your pillar and helping hand. We look after your loved ones as if they were our own. We provide services such as memory assistance, providing mind stimulating activities, physical activities, and providing strong relationships with caregivers.