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Postpartum Care in Toronto

Our compassionate VCAREgivers are here to provide support for you and your child.

Postpartum Care in Toronto

Our VCAREgivers are ready to help you with the first few weeks with your newborn from postpartum care, baby care, overnight assistance and even looking after your other children. With our Child Care Companion, it includes personal care, home support and activities planned by our Registered Early Childhood Educator.
• Postpartum Care
• Baby Care
• Overnight Assistance
• Child Care Companion

Other Services

Our mission is to ensure that each of our clients are treated the same way we would care for and treat our own family.


Companion Care

Our Companion Care focuses on

Companion Care, vcare247

Temporary Care

When you are looking after someone


Palliative Care

While it is painful to see our loved


Discharge Care

Discharge management does not only


Specialized Care

Returning home from hospital stay can

Postpartum Care, vcare247

Postpartum Care

Our VCAREgivers are available to help you

Personal Support Workers, vcare247

Personal Care

Our VCAREgivers are compassionate and

Home Personal Care, vcare247

247 Home Care

VCare247 Care at home offers hourly or


Customized Care

We offer customized care services

A Comprehensive Guide for New Mothers

The postpartum period, the time after childbirth, is a crucial phase of transition and adaptation for both mothers and their newborns. While it’s a time of immense joy and love, it can also be a period of physical and emotional challenges. Postpartum care, therefore, is essential to support new mothers during this transformative time.


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