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We work with you to provide flexible, personalized home care based on your specific requirement.

Team Members

We’re a group of professional VCAREgivers focused on providing exceptional service.

Meet VCare247’s Leadership Team

We are a team of caring and dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the business and healthcare industry. Our slogan “Your Family is My Family” has a tremendous impact in our own lives, thus, we are all here to provide care and assistance to you and your loved ones in whatever manner we can.

Founder and Director – Rennee Matharoo

Rennee has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years now, drawing on her administrative experience and education in Life Sciences and Business Management combined with a strong background in Human Resources. She has been overseeing a significant administrative portfolio of Finance, Human Resources, and providing leadership with strategic input for the business administration activities for a leading Private Career College located in the Greater Toronto Area. Demonstrated history of working 14+ years in the education management industry, training PSWs, Caregivers, and Nurses. She is also well versed with the demands of Skilled Resources in Healthcare Industry. Rennee’s ability to command a room and get people on board with perfect profile match has made VCare247 a leading Staffing agency for LTC.
It was her dream to establish a personal care service that is adamant about maintenance of high quality of care where the aim is to treat each recipient the same way we treat our own family. This propelled Rennee and her partner SurinderPal Matharoo to lay the foundation of their new venture VCare 247.
Rennee is passionate about recommending, developing, and implementing excellent standards in the core administrative systems that support Clients, Partners , Staff and VCAREgivers in all areas of business of VCare 247. She is thorough in her due diligence and always carries her smile on her toughest assignments. Continued success of her team and satisfaction of VCare247clients is her focus and she strives to go the extra mile to ensure that is achieved.

Director of Care – Joseph Andrew

Joseph Andrew, our Director of Care, who is currently working at Sunnybrook Hospital brings with him the skills and knowledge from 25 years in the nursing industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and RN Diploma. Joseph is known for his DADDE acronym: Discipline, Application, Devotion, Dedication and Energy. He is extremely passionate about providing care and meeting individual client needs.

His overall responsibilities include client assessment and care plan development. He also ensures that CAREGivers implement the care efficiently.

Client Care and Operations Manager – Sanjay Subhedar

Prior to beginning with VCare247, Sanjay, our Client Care and Operations Manager had extensive Clinical Surgical and Healthcare Administration experience. Sanjay held leadership roles in various stakeholders and valued critical support in building organization. He received numerous recognitions. Currently, He oversees the Client Operations and staff management. His focus is ensuring that every client receives services that are simply extraordinary. Sanjay has Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research and various Healthcare Certifications from Toronto, Ontario. He is also a Healthcare instructor at a reputed career college in Canada.

Corporate Office
55 Nugget Ave, Suite 204, Scarborough ON M1S 3L1
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